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【FALAIYA】Makeup bag
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FALAIYA has crossover with CENTURION, launching the new “Makeup bag”, which is a carry-on bag that includes multiple functions. By the collaboration of Centurion’s exclusive patented flow line design with Falaiya’s classic black & white, for you to carry your essentials and show your personal style at the same time.

The Makeup bag with FALAIYA’S LOGO using a vibrant font is the first time for the American brand CENTURION and the French brand FALAIYA to create an exclusive collaboration series!

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Product Number 18P091417551763
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  • FALAIYA Makeup bag
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Commodity effects may vary due to individual physical fitness and maintenance methods!

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Product Size:H 18 cm x W 10 cm x D 7 cm

Product material:PC + ABS

Product features: 

✈ The design with six convex and seven concaves on the bag symbolize “Love & Peace” in honor of North American states in 1776.

✈ The bright zipper symbolizes hope, and the colorful stitching represents power. 

The young FALAIYA logo in the center of the bag / The fashion philosophy of French

✈ The “full-open” design of the bag makes it easier to store and grab things out.

✈Bag lining with the delicate embroidered CENTURION Logo/ Symmetrical elastic storage bag.

✈ Retro Romanesque zipper with fine-carved round metal zipper slider

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  • 【FALAIYA】Makeup bag 1,480
  • FALAIYA Makeup bag

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