★【Gift with purchase in June】★


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Gift with purchase in June

NT11000 get free Centurion beauty bag (price NT2200)

NT16888 get free FALAIYA 3D Face Glow Primer *2 (price NT22760)

NT18888 get free  TIPSY PRESENT wreath necklace (price NT25460)

NT39800 get free  Jo Malone hand cream (price NT26800)

NT44888 get free  Jo Malone hand cream gift box (price NT28800)

NT58800 get free  Jo Malone fragrance gift box (price NT210800)

NT108888 get free  Lv classic long wallet (price NT235800)

NT128888 get free  lv classic bag (price NT248800)

NT158888 get free  Chanel Camellia necklace & Jo Malone soap gift box (price NT258800)


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